Hello! My name is Kristen. Thanks for visiting 4222016-05-07 11.03.34History!

I am a high school history teacher at a Pennsylvania private school¬†with six years of experience. In addition to being a history teacher, I am also a temporarily displaced pastor’s wife, a twenty-something (more often referred to as “the dreaded millennial”), a youth worker, a reader, and a girl with a short-attention span for hobbies.

When I was in high school, I absolutely loved watching old black-and-white movies, historical movies, and reading non-fiction. If I wasn’t doing something school-related, I was probably doing something history-related. But as a teenager, I had no idea that I was going to be a teacher and certainly not a history teacher. In college, I somehow ended up as Secondary Ed. major and next thing I knew, I fell in love with teaching.

The first three years post-college were spent as part-time teacher and part-time admin. assistant. I worked in the drama department of my school and no idea how to direct a play, while teaching a variety of really random classes. My advice to new teachers – take the job that gets your foot in the door! You might “hate” drama for three years, but you are also first in line for that dream job.

Something that I have discovered over the last few years is that there are not a ton of history ideas out there¬†and very few high school history ideas. (Although I must say “kudos” to those who are out there!) It is my hope that 422History will be a fresh, exciting, and unexpected resource for your own high school history classroom.