Old Year, New Year

Happy New Year background on wood

Happy 2017! We survived 2016! Woohoo!! I actually didn’t realize that people were hating on 2016 until like, yesterday. Apparently it all started with the death of Carrie Fisher and her mother, then spiraled down hill from there. I am not really sure.

Looking Back

For me, 2016 wasn’t actually all that bad. Don’t get me wrong there were some horrible days. Like the day my best friend/soul sister moved far, far away. The day I quite my job, then my financial situation talked me down from the cliff (fortunately I hadn’t spoken to my boss yet). The day that my husband didn’t get the call back about the dream job. The day the mortgage company told us we needed another $4,000 two days before closing on our house. 2016 had it’s really, really bad days.

But it also had it’s really great days. My husband and I went on a real, multiple-days kind- of vacation for the first time in years. My sister graduated from college and my other sister graduated from high school. I opened a store on Tpt and had sales!! I grew as a teacher and a person. My husband and I bought a house and had a little money leftover in the bank (last minute negotiations to the rescue!). We redesigned our laundry room and bought a *wonderful* and *working* washer and dryer. My college-graduate sister got engaged. Yep, 2016 was pretty great.

Looking Ahead

2017 is this bright, fresh and scary clean slate. With all of the great things that happened in 2016, I almost wonder if it is even possible for 2017 to go well. But I am going to look beyond that fear and press on.

Some of my goals for the year include:

  • Improving my command of the French language. Right now I have the grasp of a 1st grader in an American school… the first week of school. It isn’t pretty.
  • Being present in life rather than consumed by work. Making an active choice to stop working. You know how it is… as a teacher, yes, you can put the work aside until tomorrow, but I still need it to be done and ready by 8 am.
  • Reading two books a month. This is a goal I make each year. Some years I fail; some years I squeak in as mildly successful; then some years, like 2016, I smash my personal record. 53 books in 52 weeks.

Applying this to the Blog

Have I apologized yet for the radio silence? I am so sorry! When I started this blog in the fall, I had no idea that my free time was literally going to fall apart. We spent two months in this painfully intense house-buying mode, but finally closed right before November 1. Shortly after that, we began planning and preparing for our first DIY renovation project, which we could only do on the occasional evening that we were home. Which led us right to Christmas break, at which point, I just gave up until today. Life moved in and took over.

This year I have many of my blog posts planned. They range from education & my classroom, to history, to the life of Kristen, to things that I am just passionate about and want to talk about. To start January (one of my busiest months of the year), I plan on faithfully posting twice a month at minimum, but hope to grow that quickly as I get into the routine.

I look forward to being a part of the great internet community. Thank you for sticking with me through today and I hope that you will graciously allow me to start again.

Hope you have a wonderful 2017! Happy New Year!


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