Wanted: Refreshment


While I absolutely love teaching, it can be hard. I don’t mean the extra three hours of work at home (on top of staying late at school). Or the grading. Or the hours of adapting lessons for the students who are struggling, while keeping the same lesson interesting and challenging for the advanced learners. Or incorporating technology. Or differentiating learning styles. Or communicating with the parents. Or everything.

I mean the drain. Every job has it’s areas of difficulties, but education seems to be one of those fields that drains you on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Because of the challenges of my particular school, I face a lot of struggles with discouragement and weariness. On top of it, while we are instructed to be fun, new, exciting, and fresh, we aren’t really guided in those areas. After several years, I have learned that I need that inlet of fresh ideas, words of inspiration and encouragement.

Blogs are great! I love reading helpful, inspiring, insightful, and refreshing blogs, but I don’t always have the time to filter through everything that is out there. Pinterest is awesome! But it can be complete information overload and quickly becomes overwhelming.

So I have turned to podcasts. I know they have been around for ages and this is probably one of those moments where you are reading this and thinking “Duh, Kristen… everyone already does this…” But I didn’t… so maybe there is someone out there like me who needs the same encouragement.

The whole podcast library can be a little much, plus you have to actually listen to the podcast to find one that works for you. To save you that pain, I am going to share one that has been amazing so far.

For starters… Download a Podcast app on your phone and subscribe. The podcasts will auto-download whenever new ones are added to the library. You will get a notification to let you know it is available. It is that easy! No digging through a library or searching for something to listen to. It comes to you.

As far as time (because that honestly was my biggest concern)… I plug in my head phones and listen while I am grading or straightening up my room at the end of the day. I am going about my regular responsibilities at school, but also getting encouragement when I could otherwise be frustrated. I could just as easily listen to a podcast while cooking dinner, doing the dishes, or folding laundry.

I stumbled across Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers a few days ago then was directed to it by some teacher friends the next day. You know it is a winner when that happens.

Watson has this sweet caring voice that is joyful and honest. She can be firm and understanding all at the same time and all of the podcasts that I have listened to so far were off-the-charts practical, applicable, refreshing, encouraging, and inspiring.

Here is the link to Watson’s website: http://thecornerstoneforteachers.com/truth-for-teachers. You can read more about what she does and quickly access her podcast.

Enjoy listening, growing, and being encouraged!


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