High School Classroom Reveal: 2016

T-2 Days! Back-to-School Night is two days away and my classroom has to be completely ready to go for the parents. As if I wouldn’t want it that way, anyway?

Personally, I have perfectionist tendencies. But I live in reality and understand that not everything can be perfect. Like the lighting in these photographs. This is as good as it gets. So I apologize for some dark or glare-filled photos.

I also want to apologize for my lack of theme. All of the best classroom reveals on Pinterest are these amazing color-coordinated, perfectly-themed, high school appropriate classrooms, but not me!! I am just happy that the room is acceptable looking.

This is the reality of high school. Students want a balance between super-colorful, fun rooms and a place of serious study. In my experience, they vary by the day. So I do what I can to strike a balance and make my classroom the best that I can make it.

2016-08-18 Classroom Reveal3



The Door: Obviously “Welcome” in Scrabble letters is the most exciting Back-t0-School door ever! Actually I like it because, you can’t tell in this picture but our hallways are tiny! The kids cram into the hallway and backpacks scrap along the walls. Think… Black Friday at Walmart! Many an amazing door has been ruined by book bags and bodies, so I have given up and decided on a simple door this year. The Scrabble letters are heavy duty and laminated. They should survive the year.


2016-08-18 Classroom Reveal4Entering the Room:When you first walk into my room, this picture is what you will see. I only have one bulletin board in my room (for which I am grateful). I really like information for the students, not all decoration, so my doors serve as both – information & decoration.

Door #1 (on the left) covers the current candidates for the election. Just having this bit of information is a great start to grasping all of the names and faces of the upcoming election.

Door #2 shows several pictures of our current government officials including the President, VP, Supreme Court, State Governor, and US Senators. Also a list of things to pray about for our officials. We are allowed to do that sort of thing in my school.

Door #3 is my missing homework board. I will show you more about how I do all of that another day. It works!

Door #4 is my success chart door. I have way more students that you can see here, so I also use the inside of my doors.
2016-08-18 Classroom Reveal5

Above: To the left of this photo is my homework station. I will cover that on another day as well, but this is where students turn in homework, notebooks (in the basket), and where they can pick up any handouts they missed. On the walls I have a few motivational posters that I found on Pinterest. Above the chalkboard is my verse of the year. 1 Peter 1:27. I feel like it is very appropriate for this election year, when most people are dissatisfied with both candidates. Then my desk to the right.

Below: My lone bulletin board and signature American flag. I always have an American flag hanging in the room. I teach American history, so it is a must. As you can tell I don’t have a huge classroom. I can fit 16 comfortably, but I have taught 22 in here before. That was a tight fit! One of the benefits of teaching at a smaller private school is a high teacher-to-student ration. Our class size averages 15 students per teacher.

2016-08-18 Classroom Reveal6

Well, that’s it! It’s a small room. I’m sure you will get to see some close ups in the future. For now, more than anything, I wanted you to know that some classrooms don’t look exactly like Pinterest. 🙂





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