Hello dear reader,

2016-05-07 11.03.34

Thanks for visiting 422History! My name is Kristen (that’s my super-awesome husband in the picture) and I am a high school history teacher. Next week begins my 6th year as a full-time teacher, and my 3rd year in a history classroom. I am looking forward to another wonderful year at my school, and just a little overwhelmed with all of things that still need done. (Isn’t that how it always is?)

A few friends asked why I chose the name 422History as my brand. Well, it was a no-brainer to be honest. My classroom window looks out onto a Pennsylvania highway, locally known as 422 (pronounced “four-twenty-two”)…. and my back deck looks out onto the same Pennsylvania highway… and it’s my birthday. You could say my life revolves around 422.

As far as things you will see on this website, you are going to see a lot about my classroom, teaching methods, activities I dreamed up or discovered online, bulletin boards (because history boards are REALLY hard!), and basically anything that peaks my interest -education-related or not.

I hope that you will be able to come here and find refreshing ideas that you might not see elsewhere or have been tailored to the high school history classroom. I also hope that you will find a refreshing place that balances school and life.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to come back soon!




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